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Orang Bati

Indonesian Flying Humanoid




The Orang Bati are thought to be flying humanoid creatures indigenous to the island of Seram in Indonesia.  The local peoples of Seram tell that the Orang Bati live within the islands volcanoes, deep within Serams largely unexplored interior.

The indigenous peoples of Seram live in terror of the Orang Bati whose legends describe the Orang Bati as red-skinned man-shaped creatures about five feet tall, with a tail and large black bat-like wings.

Sightings of the Orang Bati have been recorded since the 15th century with the most notorious case involving an English missionary who went to bring aid to the indigenous people of Seram, the missionary 'Tyson Hughes' although extremely sceptical at first, after living on the island for eighteen months left a firm believer in the existence of the Orang Bati.

The Orang Bati are said to leave their volcanic lairs in the dark of night and fly to the islanders homes and abduct their children, carrying them away with them, never to be seen again.

Orang Bati - The Flying Humanoid of Indonesia.

 - Orang Bati - The Flying Humanoid of Indonesia.